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Original Title: The Secrets Broker

Genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi,Thriller






































An agent is killed at a wine shop and Steed realises that one of two brothers ,Frederick Paignton, who works in the shop, has been blackmailed by his boss into the murder. In the shop's cellar there is a darkroom, used to develop military secrets on microfilm. Frederick's brother Allan's fiancee Marion, meanwhile, is being forced to shut down the security system at the research station where she works. Mrs Gale investigates the latter - whilst Steed employs his nose for a good vintage.
An agent, who was looking into a research facility that was working on a new underwater detection system is murdered and the only lead is a wine shop. Speed pays it a visit manages to purloin a copy of their customer list. At first it looks entirely innocent but closer inspection indicates that it contains a microdot featuring classified plans. Those who acquired them want further plans from the research facility; to this end they set about blackmailing the wife of the chief researcher.

This was a pretty good story; it may have had the usual slightly odd characters but at its core it featured a very believable blackmailing scheme where those caught up in in soon realise they are getting dangerously involved but only after it is too late. I rather liked the villainous wine merchants, Jack May impressed as the one who appeared to lead the operation. The scenes of Steed buying wine led to some amusingly snide comments about the sort of people who drink apricot brandy. The dodgy mediums were not quite as interesting but the way Avice Landone portrayed Medium Mrs Wilson was a delight; issuing unpleasant threats while always sounding almost gentle. Patricia English was also impressive as the blackmailed Marion Howard. As expected there are a few fights of the sort one has come to expect from the series. Overall this was a decent episode. "The Secrets Broker" is a pleasant surprise, with Patricia English, so good in "Mission to Montreal," again providing the standout performance, as Marion Howard, blackmailed by a phony medium (Avice Landon) and a shady wine merchant (Jack May) into trying to deliver her husband's designs for a secret underwater tracking device. The villains are able to effect their plans because Marion has been dallying with another man (Ronald Allen), whose brother (John Stone, "The Joker," "The Rotters") is an unwilling pawn in the game of murder and deception. Valentino Musetti, previously seen in "Death A La Carte," again plays a henchman/bodyguard, with John Ringman, later seen in "A Sense of History," playing the doomed husband. It's certainly unusual to see a passionate affair depicted on the show, even if it is an extramarital one, and American-born Patricia English would be back for one more episode, "Never, Never Say Die." In her only AVENGERS appearance, Avice Landon may be best remembered by horror fans as Mistress Isobel Banham in 1970's "The Blood on Satan's Claw," one of the last undisputed classics of Britain's 20 year Golden Age signified by Hammer, Amicus, Tigon, Planet, and Tyburn.


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